Series of nature

Nature is overflowed in the beauty of creation.  There are things of beauty in each of the four seasons.  Holograms of these forms would draw us closer to the hidden workings of nature.  Most people are moved by the cherry blossoms in spring and by the leaves of autumn.  In summer,beautiful orchids bloom.  Swallowtail butterflies taking in nectar, kabuto beetles flying clumsily and spiderwebs glistening in the morning mist would all become holographic subjects of interest.

Cherry blossoms 1

Pecteilis radiata   


Azalea                       Cherry blossoms 2


Garden zinnia and butterfly                         Cast-off skin of a cicada

Flower of the plum of Kitano Tenmangu  

 Kitano Tenmangu is located in Kyoto and is the Shinto shrine which is famous for a plum.



   「Shosui-bai」                     「Kanko-bai」

T.Kubota, ”Creating a more attractive hologram,” LEONARDO  25,No.5, 503-506(1992).

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