A bright reconstructed image with low noise is obtained by recording the hologram using dichromated gelatin. However,the sensitivity of the dichromated gelatin is low, so long exposure time is required to record the hologram. The silver halide emulsion has two order higher sensitivity than the dichromated gelatin. Then the recording of the color image hologram is relatively easy by using the silver halide emulsion for both green and blue components too. The following two holograms are recorded by this method. The image is seen in front and in rear of the hologram.


       Folded-paper crane                              Soy sauce pot        

   Permanent display at Kid's Light Science
   Musium Photon (Kizu town, Kyoto)


A long-nosed goblin

Hologram recorded with only 632.8nm laser light. The red, green and yellow
colors can be represented by utilizing the swelling technique of emulsion.     

Guardian dog (4"x5")
Hologram recorded in PFG03-C emulsion
 (Silver halide emulsion for color hologram)


Denisyuk type hologram
(12.5cm x 20cm)

Numeri (Geta)

Holographic stereogram recorded with only 632.8nm laser light.
The image is seen with natural color by using
the technique of holographic stereogram.

Skeleton shell

Achromachic rainbow hologram recorded by using diffraction grating. The color of the reconstructed image of rainbow hologram changes as changing the observation position uop and down. The image is seen with white color for wide vertical angle by recording the hologram with multiple reference beams generated by using the diffraction grating.

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