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  Holography - World of light magic


Have you heard a word "hologram" or "holography"?   Everyone who saw the hologram for the first time must have been surprised at a floating mysterious image in space.  In fact, the hologram is illuminated with a light, when a "real" three dimensional image appears in front or behind the hologram.  The image , however, can be surely seen there but can be never touched even if you stretch your hand.  

The film on which the image is recorded is named hologram
and the technique to record the hologram and reconstruct the image is generally named holography.  Holography have been applied in many fields, such as, optical measurement, industrial product, optical information processing, security, medicine, 3-D imaging display, art, etc.

I have been studying holography with interest since I knew it by casual opportunity.  I would like to convey the interest and wonder of holography to many people and to contribute to the society by popularizing it, so I decided to open my homepage.

I introduce the holograms which were made by KUBOTA HOLOGRAPHY LAB in process of my works.  I also demonstrate the motion picture of light propagation, which can not be usually seen because the light is very fast.  Visualization of light propagation is possible by light-in-flight recording by holography using ultra-short pulsed laser.

 Visualization of light propagation by light-in-flight-recording 
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